Winning on appeal is an extremely difficult task, as courts typically take whatever measures necessary to affirm a prior conviction or judgment. When you need an attorney on appeal, you want someone who regularly practices in the Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court, not someone who will simply attempt to “wing it” on appeal. Appellate practice is a unique area of law that requires special expertise. For those who do not regularly practice appellate law, it is very easy to miss a viable issue, an important deadline, or get sidetracked by the failure to follow the rules of appellate procedure, all to the detriment of the client.

Because appellate practice is a distinct specialty, you need someone who is well versed in appeals, who has had regular success, and who feels comfortable arguing cases before the highest courts in Massachusetts. Attorney O’Brien has been practicing appellate law for most of her legal career and is not only a tremendous writer, but is also extremely skilled at oral argument, tenaciously fighting for her clients. Her skill on appeal is supported by the many cases in which she beat the odds by obtaining new trials, vacating convictions, reversing convictions, and obtaining favorable judgments for her clients.

We represent clients in all appellate matters including:

  • All Criminal Appeals [including first degree murder]
  • Civil Appeals
  • Probate and Family Law Appeals