There is no question that there is a serious drug problem not only in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but nationwide. It is particularly important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney when charged with a drug offense rather than someone who merely “dabbles” in criminal law.  This is true because only an experienced criminal defense attorney will know whether her client has a viable motion to suppress simply by reading the police report. Most often if the motion to suppress is allowed, it results in the Commonwealth’s most crucial evidence being excluded from trial. When this happens, the Commonwealth is unable to go forward with its prosecution.

In addition to the filing of certain motions and discovery requests, an experienced criminal defense attorney who is conversant in the law can advocate for alternative dispositions for her clients, which can ultimately result in the dismissal of charges completely once an individual undergoes treatment for his or her drug addiction. An attorney not familiar with drug crimes may fail to advise his client of certain collateral consequences, such as driver’s license suspensions, that may arise as a result of a conviction for such an offense.

We are extremely experienced in representing clients charged with drug offenses and are confident that you will be pleased with the representation that we provide. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, call us for a free consultation. There is a lot at stake – hire the best!