There are two types of custody in Massachusetts, physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is with whom the child resides on a day to day basis and is responsible for the child’s everyday care. Generally the child will attend school in the district in which the party who has physical custody resides. With some exceptions, legal custody is usually shared equally between the parties. Those who have legal custody have the power to make major life decisions that affect a child such as what religion the child will practice, what school the child will attend, and which doctor should provide the child’s care. If the parties cannot agree with one another after consulting and discussing the issue, they can seek to have the matter adjudicated by the court.

Child custody is without question an important issue that has lasting consequences upon both your relationship with your child as well as your right to modify your time with your child in the future. As such, it is vital that you have a trained attorney advocating for your interests.

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