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R.R. "Couldn't be happier!"

I was found guilty of carrying a firearm without a MA license and hired Jennifer on appeal. She convinced the judge to let me out of jail immediately while my case was under appeal. She then got the judge to give me a whole new trial! I am so grateful to Jennifer for giving me my life back. I could not be happier!

Tyrell "The Best Lawyer Ever!"

I hired Jennifer for a criminal case that I had. The cops pulled me over in Lowell and searched my car. I was charged with drug possession. I met with Jennifer and she read my police report. Immediately she said that this was an illegal search and that there is a good chance that we can get this case dismissed. We had a hearing where she made the cop look like a fool. We won the hearing and because of it the prosecution dropped the case. I hope I never get arrested again, but if I do I will be hiring Jennifer. She is the best attorney I have ever had!

Anonymous “Lying Landlord”

When I moved out of my apartment, my landlord lied and told the police I wrecked her apartment, stole things from inside, and even threatened her. I told Jennifer I was innocent and would never take any plea deal. She was in my corner from beginning to end and tried my case before a jury who found me not guilty of all charges. Her cross-examination of my landlord was masterful. She was able to catch her in so many lies! I hope I never need her again but if I or anyone I know does, she will be the first person I call!

Victor Fonseca “Highly recommended”

John represented in me my divorce and from the moment I spoke with him, I knew he was the right person for the job. He never made a promise he couldn't keep, and from the beginning, he told me the truth about what to expect. Although it was rough at times, I appreciate that he was a straight shooter and wasn't afraid to fight for me and my children. I've even sent my friends to speak with him and they've come away just as impressed as I am. I'm happy with the results and couldn't imagine working with anyone else now that I've met him. A great attorney and an even better person.

D. Miller “Amazing Appellate Attorney”

Jennifer was my appellate lawyer for a Murder 1 appeal, she did an amazing job, she was attentive, answered all & any of my questions in full detail, explained each element of my case, case errors & correspondence in full detail, she guided me through a very tough time of life to the best ability. Jennifer also researched & argued my case & case errors to the fullest, she kept me very updated & informed on all court proceedings, she is always available to take my calls. Jennifer put her heart & soul into not just my appeal, but also fighting for my rights & my family & for that I cannot thank her or her staff enough.

Anonymous “Highly Recommend”

John Miller handled my divorce which was difficult for me. After my first conversation with him I knew he was the right person to handle my case. He is honest and fair but will fight for what his clients are entitled to. He is easy to talk to and always willing to listen. Given the time and effort he put forth in my case his costs were reasonable. I would highly recommend John Miller.

Maura R. “She's a fighter!”

I highly recommend Jennifer O’Brien for any criminal case. She is very articulate, well prepared and a great trial lawyer. It is clear that she is comfortable in court and knows the law well. She explained everything to me so I always knew what was going on with my case and what to expect when we went to court. Because of her efforts, I was found not guilty of all charges against me. I hope I never need her again but if I do, I would never even consider hiring anyone else.

Mike “Excellent Caring Attorney"

John helped me get through a really difficult time in my life and I can't praise him enough. He was smart and eloquent and wasn't afraid to fight for what I wanted. John made me feel really comfortable throughout the experience and was always there for me when I had a question. I don't think I'll ever need an attorney again, but if ever I do I would not hesitate to call John. There is no one I would rather have on my side than him - truly a professional with a personal touch.

Ingrid “Fantastic Attorney!”

Attorney Jennifer O’Brien is a practicing trial attorney with expertise in various areas of the law and I can't say enough about Attorney O'Brien and her firm. She has been our family Attorney for many years now and we are very thankful and grateful for everything she has done and is still doing.  She is honest and conducts her practice with an extremely high level of integrity.  She is also a very caring person that truly believes in each one of her clients that she or her firm represents. And even though she is extremely busy with clients, she always returns calls and concerns I may have.I would highly recommend the O'Brien Law Office to anyone who needs a lawyer.

L. Miller “Amazing Personal Injury Lawyer"

John was an amazing personal injury lawyer, he guided me, explained each & every correspondence, email, & court proceeding in full detail. John was always available to take my call & return emails promptly. John supported & fought very hard to get to the fullest potential of the case. John & his staff are very outgoing, compassionate & trustworthy.

Gail P. “Great”

“I highly recommend Jennifer as a lawyer. My husband and I had her draft our wills. She also represented us with several civil situations, and my husband on one criminal case, which she got dismissed. Through the years I have sent many clients. Everyone I have ever referred to her has raved to me about how personable she is and how effective she is as a lawyer. I have seen her in court many times. She is completely comfortable, articulate, and knows the law. Her rates are also extremely reasonable. It is refreshing to know an attorney who is not simply looking to get every penny from you. If she doesn’t use her retainer, she will actually give it back! Imagine that! She will also refer you to another attorney if it is an area of law that she doesn’t practice instead of taking your money and pretending to know what she is doing. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough! I would and do call her first whenever I am in need of a lawyer!”

Amin Ganjalizadeh “A Wealth of Experience and Expertise”

John has been an indispensable resource in terms of consultation and advice in family/divorce/custody/visitation matters, particularly when I seek a second opinion or guidance in extremely complex or convoluted cases. I highly recommend John and his office, and will certainly look forward to his expertise in the future.

Donna “Very Professional”

I have hired Attorney O'Brien on several occasions to collect accounts receivables on outstanding balances that were due my company. Attorney O'Brien pursued these accounts and prevailed by obtaining judgments and liens on checking accounts to recover these debts and her methods proved to be very successful. Attorney O'Brien is a very professional, dedicated and dependable attorney whom I would highly recommend.

Dan P. “Relentless”

After years of custody battles with little to no progress, some with and some without legal representation, I decided to give it one more shot and was referred to John's office.

From the very beginning I felt I made the right choice in hiring John. He's very detailed oriented, keeps it simple and honest and makes me feel like I'm his only client as he is very quick to respond to any of my many questions and concerns. I still have a long road ahead in my case but thanks to John, I finally feel that the end result will be a much improved one for me.

I have absolutely ZERO hesitation in recommending John to anyone looking for a relentless advocate on their side.

Anonymous “Great Trial Lawyer!”

“Attorney O’Brien really went to bat for me at trial when I was charged with identity fraud. It was a tough case and I was so worried about the outcome. She is definitely comfortable in court and is a great trial lawyer. Her closing argument was absolutely amazing! Thankfully I was found not guilty of all charges and was able to finally put the whole thing behind me. I highly recommend her, esp if you are ever put in a position like I was and you need someone who will really go to bat and win for you!!!?

SFM “Can't say enough!”

I was charged by the police with many crimes - larceny, breaking and entering, uttering, conspiracy, and forgery. The police said I was guilty just because I was in a car with someone who had committed these crimes. Jennifer filed a motion saying I should never have been charged and the judge agreed and dismissed my whole case. I cannot say enough about her in court. I would hire her in a second if I was in trouble again.

Carmen “Responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy”

Jen has worked with my family on numerous occasions on a variety of issues. Each and every time, we find her to not only be extremely responsive when we reach out to her, but we can also count on her keeping us up-to-date on the current status or on any new information. She also does a great job of clearly communicating the process, as well as what our options are. And although she does offer her advice, she is in no way over-bearing, only providing us with the information so that we can make the best decision for our family.

J. Lisa "Highly Recommended!!”

Attorney O'Brien is someone you would want on your side. Her years of experience reflect in her professional disposition as in my case. Attending court is never easy and can be very stressful, however Attorney O'Brien is someone who you can trust and will represent your best interests to the fullest. She represented my case in a family dispute. I highly recommend Attorney O'Brien.

Jill “Great lawyer, recommend to family & friends”

Anytime I or someone I know needs a lawyer Jen is the first one I think of & recommend. She did a wonderful job with our wills & health proxies giving us a little piece of mind. Jen also helped a family member with a divorce. She fought for her clients best interest & made a difficult situation very manageable.