Deciding whether to file for divorce is a difficult decision regardless of the circumstances. Frequently the decision to divorce stems from extra marital affairs, substances abuse problems, mental health issues, physical or emotional abuse, or desertion. However, sometimes two good people who were once compatible unfortunately just grow apart and no longer have anything in common. Regardless of the reason for filing, there is no question that both parties endure a feeling of personal loss.

When you retain a divorce attorney, be sure to choose someone with whom you are comfortable, as you will ultimately be sharing not just financial, but also personal information, with your attorney. At times you may understandably feel overwhelmed and emotional as you go through the divorce process. We pride ourselves in being there when our clients need us most, providing effective and aggressive representation, while at the same time, being compassionate and acutely aware of the feelings in which our clients are experiencing.

There are far too many divorce attorneys who give us all a bad name by demanding a huge retainer up front only to use it quickly with unnecessary filings or court appearances. While the decision of what to file or when to appear in court ultimately rests with you, we will candidly give you our legal opinion as to what avenue will be the most effective route to take, keeping in mind that cost is always an issue. Most often, the best divorce settlements are negotiated before even stepping foot in a courtroom. For this reason, you want to select an attorney who is not only effective in court but who is a tough negotiator outside of court.

Hire us…you will not be disappointed!